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banking terminology value date

Bank of America | Help | Glossary of Terms
Your extra principal payments will be applied to your loan on the date this . products are not FDIC insured, may lose value, and are not bank guaranteed.

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  • Value Date Definition | Investopedia
    A future date used in determining the value of a product that fluctuates in price. Typically, you will see the use of value dates in determining the payment of .

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banking terminology value date

Value date: Definition from Answers.com
Banking: official date when money is transferred, that is, becomes good funds to the depositor. The value date differs from the entry date when items are. . The term is used mainly with reference to foreign accounts, either maintained in a .

What Is a Value Date?
In terms of banking situations, the value date normally has to do with the actual date that funds are traded and become the property of the new owner. This is .

Terms & Conditions Personal Banking
General Terms and Conditions. 7 receipt. After the Value Date the drawee bank may still return the cheque unpaid. If this happens We will debit Your Account .

Value date - the Association of Corporate Treasurers
More generally, the term 'value' refers broadly to what something is worth. . In relation to a bank account, the date on which value is recognised for the benefit of .

How to Track Wire Transfers | eHow.com
These are terms you need to understand when banking personnel refer to them. 2 . Call the beneficiary bank if the value date has passed and the beneficiary .

First Investment Bank - Outgoing Foreign Currency Fund Transfers
The execution terms conform to common banking practice – the standard value date for executing outgoing foreign currency fund transfers is two working days.

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    Value Date Definition - AccountingTools
    Value Date Definition | Explanation. . has use of the funds. The value date may be categorized by the bank as 1-day float, 2+-day float, or some similar term.

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